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Two-Part Webinar 
Condition Adjustments: How the Cost Approach Helps



Presented By: Richard Hagar, SRA
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Do you run into problems with “Condition?” How do you reconcile it with Depreciation?

Richard Hagar, SRA solves some of the most common and persistent problems appraisers encounter when dealing with Condition and Depreciation. This course shows you how to make accurate adjustments even when data is limited.

Save precious time by getting the answers you need.

In addition to reporting and adjusting for condition, some of the most common reasons appraisal “fail” are:
(1) No analysis of highest and best use
(2) Land value is unsupported
(3) Cost approach was not completed.

Hagar shows you how to address these deficiencies using the cost approach.

You will learn:

1.How the cost approach impacts the sales comparison approach;
2.How the cost approach can help in determining adjustments for condition;
3. Easy methods for determining depreciation;
4. Methods for determining condition adjustments (C).

Improve the quality of your reports and avoid problems with your clients and Fannie Mae.


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