Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures

Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures

Correcting Appraisal Failures

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Presented by: Richard Hagar, SRA

In this course, Richard Hagar outlines many of the most common failures to appraisals flagged by the Collateral Underwriter, appraisal reviews, and in interviews with chief appraisers of AMCs and lenders. Gain a deeper understanding of the failures, and get solutions to help reduce the call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections.

If you enjoyed “How to Support and Prove your Adjustments”, you won’t want to miss this course. Hagar’s approach to CE is dynamic, informative, and guarantees to improve the quality of your appraisal with insights and guidance on the latest methods.

Strategies and Tactics You Will Learn:

– Small words that have a big impact on interpreting laws and regulations
– Terminology to use and to avoid in your reports
– New systems, databases, and codes that analyze appraisals deeper and more thoroughly than ever before
– The 12 alarm triggers that appraisers should consider when selecting comparables
– How to reduce call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections

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