Appraiser Continuing Education

Continuing Education Bundles 

14 Hour Bundle

Save $40 with this bundle! Not approved in GA, IL, MN, and AK.

Courses Include:
Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures (7 Hrs) $126
How to Raise Appraisal Quality and Minimize Risk (7 Hrs) $126


Individual Courses

Credit Hours

(7 Hours)
Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures
Learn the most common appraisal failures that are flagged by Collateral Underwriter, appraisal reviews and the Chief Appraisers of AMCs and lenders. Hagar shows how to avoid failures and provides solutions to help you reduce call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections. Work less and earn more.
(7 Hours)
How to Raise Quality and Minimize Risk
This course shows you what you can do to avoid claims, reduce liability, and enhance your understanding of the approved methodology, techniques and protocols for appraisals. Learn about real world claim scenarios and specific steps you can take to protect yourself.


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