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CE Course Descriptions

How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments (7 Hrs CE)
This course builds on the tools and techniques learned in “How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments” and dives deeper into making adjustments with regression analysis, matched-pair, and “big data” approaches to value.

FHA Appraisal Standards (7 Hrs CE)
Using the latest FHA 4000.1 standards, this course shows what you should be looking out for on an FHA appraisal. Learn how to include explanations and photographs with appraisals to fly through underwriting.

How to Raise Quality and Minimize Risk (7 Hrs CE)
Avoid claims, reduce liability, and enhance your understanding of the approved methodology, techniques and protocols for appraisals, including real world scenarios.

Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures (7 Hrs CE)
Did you know that persistent failures lower an appraiser’s ratings and classification? This course gives you solutions to prevent persistent failures.


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