How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments (7 Hours)

Presented By: Richard Hagar,SRA

“This is by far the best CE course I’ve taken over the years, you can actually apply the material in the course to improve your work. If education is done well you can actually learn something…Go figure!” – J. Jansen


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Will support for your adjustments hold up under scrutiny?

Regulations now require that appraisal adjustments cannot be based upon an appraiser’s opinion. Failure to provide proof and analysis to support your adjustments can mean a tough road from now on: state board complaints, license revocation, panel removal, lawsuits.

And learn how to avoid Fannie Mae’s bad side: Fannie Mae states that the number one reason appraisals are flagged is the “use of adjustments that do not reflect market reaction.”

So get smart(er) and stop taking the same old CE courses. Learn something relevant to today’s business environment. This legendary course taught by Richard Hagar, SRA shows you the acceptable methods of providing supportable adjustments. Up your game, avoid time-consuming callbacks and earn approved CE today!

• Real world examples and case studies

• Use proven techniques to defend yourself against state boards, lenders, and disgruntled clients

• Master adjustment methods using the Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison Approaches

Improve your skillset, increase your income by producing a better product and avoid judgment day with this new CE offering.

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