Frequently Asked Questions for Taking CE

For questions on purchasing individual courses and bundles see below.

Helpful Tips on Taking your coursework:

Courses are taken online using your internet browser and are formatted into video modules (10-15 minutes per segment). Please use a laptop or a desktop computer and for the best experience and we trust Google Chrome and Firefox as the browsers with the best compatibility. We also recommend a solid internet connection that will allow at least 5mbps on the download.

You can start and stop the class at any time and save your progress, but we recommend completing a video module before you logout to ensure the course saves your progress at the most current spot. Complete the classes when the timing is right for you. There is a 10-question multiple choice quiz at the end of every hour and a 40-question final exam at the end. 

Download the syllabus and the handouts in the beginning and you can refer to these later. You can also go back to sections you’ve completed if you wish, but you cannot fast-forward through video content you have not yet watched. Use headphones for the best experience while watching or an external set of speakers. After you complete the class, you can download your certificate for proof of completion (most states). If your certificate is not available immediately for download it usually means your state board requires a custom certificate. In this case email and we will prepare your custom certificate after you complete the course.

You will have access to your learning portal in a secure learning environment. Here is where you will login after you finish enrollment:

If you having trouble viewing the videos, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, and history for the past week or month. Then, launch the learning platform again.

Contact the Education Department at or call (858) 410-5977.

Purchase a Course or CE Bundle – follow instruction below or watch this video
1. Pick a Course from one of the Drop-down Menus
2. Hit the “Start Learning Today” Button or Select a State
3. Under 7-Hour Individual Courses, select your State from the Drop-down Menu > Add to Cart > Proceed to Checkout. Enter Discount Code if applicable. OREP members, email us for instructions.
4. Under 14-Hour Bundles or 21- Hour Bundle Menus, select your State, and then Select the individual courses from the Drop-Down menu.

If you do not see your state or your preferred bundle, email or call the CE department for assistance–either the courses are not available in your state or the website hasn’t been set up properly to configure the bundle. We can help you create a custom bundle of your choosing.