Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments – 7 Hours CE

Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments

“Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments” walks appraisers through the possibilities and requirements of non-lender appraisal work, including tax rebuttal, pre-purchase, pre-listing, divorce, estate, and IRS-related work. Students explore the components necessary for private appraisal work, including forms and narrative. USPAP is examined as the minimum foundation for the development and reporting of the appraisals, and students learn supplemental requirements that are unique to various types of private appraisal work.  The course ensures appraisers are exposed to the whole experience: the first phone call with the client, additional client discussions to collect necessary assignment elements, the inspection, and the unique aspects of the development and reporting steps for various private appraisal types. From a technical standpoint, appraisers will leave the course having a better understanding of techniques characteristic of strong appraisal work, the varying level of detail for different types of appraisals based on the intended use, as well as how to strengthen their appraisal writing processes for any appraisal.

7 Hour CE Course – $26

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