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Appraiser Continuing Education

Stop taking the same old Appraiser CE courses and learn something new today! OREP Education offers valuable appraiser continuing education to expand your appraisal skills and help you earn more. OREP members enjoy a discount on all coursework and packages.

Special: OREP members enjoy 14 hours of FREE continuing education. Not approved in GA, IL, MN, and AK. OREP Education is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.If you wish to speak to a representative in the CE department, please call: 858-410-5977 or email

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non-lending appraisals

Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments (7 Hours CE)

Explore the possibilities and requirements of non-lender appraisal work, including tax rebuttal, pre-purchase, pre-listing, divorce, estate, and IRS-related work.

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appraiser liability and risk management

Appraiser Liability and Risk Management (7 Hours CE)

“Appraisal Liability and Risk Management” gives appraisers the tools to take practical steps to limit liability and stay out of trouble

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how to support and prove your adjustments

How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments (7 Hours CE)

Learn how to support and defend your adjustments using the cost, income and sales comparison approaches with this valuable course.

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Appraisal Adjustments II
Appraisal Adjustments II: Solving Complex Problems (7 Hours CE)

Building off of “How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments”, dive deeper with regression analysis, matched-pair, and “big data” approaches to value.

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Appraisal Failures

Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures (7 Hours CE)

Gain a deeper understanding of appraisal failures, and get solutions to reduce call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections.

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Minimize Risk

How to Raise Appraisal Quality and Minimize Risk (7 Hours CE)

Focus on the common charges brought against appraisers, with examples of civil and regulatory cases.

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FHA Appraisal Standards

Determining Market Value and How to Adjust for Concessions (4 Hours CE)

Learn to identify, analyze, and adjust for concessions–increase your skills and avoid misleading appraisal reports!

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