Photographs and Inspection Requirements

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Photographs and Inspection Requirements

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Presented By: Richard Hagar, SRA
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Can you use MLS photographs in your appraisal?

What about using photographs from a past appraisal in a current assignment?

Does the appraiser have to inspect the exterior of each comparable?

What if a gate prevents me from inspecting the comparable, now what can I do?

Can an appraiser hire someone else to inspect or photograph the subject or comparables?

How do the inspection requirements of FHA, VA, and Fannie Mae differ?


In this webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA shows appraisers the compliance and liability issues at play when it comes to the inspection requirements and source of the photographs submitted in their reports.

What are Fannie’s requirements for photos and inspections? FHA? VA? The review process and the requirements of lenders and Fannie Mae are changing rapidly and appraisers must adapt quickly to stay relevant and stay out of trouble.

With new technology now being used to review appraisals (and your photographs), increased scrutiny is being placed on whether appraisers are taking original photographs for their comparables with every appraisal report.

This is a crucial issue that appraisers must be aware of to avoid increased liability, trouble with their state boards, and problems with their clients (and Fannie).

Learn the latest requirements and how to stay out of trouble today!


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