Working With AMCs

Working With AMCs
Presented By: James Baumberger and Bryan Knowlton

This webinar shares techniques to improve your experience working with AMCs, showing you how to earn higher fees and minimize the time-wasting back and forth that kills your day.

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Description: Does your typical day at the office look like this – low fees, multiple call backs, endless revision requets and stipulations and unreasonable turn times?

If so, we feel your pain and have an “appraiser aspirin” for you.

This webinar shares techniques to improve your experience working with AMCs, showing you how to earn higher fees and minimize the time-wasting, aggravating back and forth that kills your day. If you’re still struggling to create successful and lucrative relationships with AMCs, this webinar can help.

See how to negotiate from a position of strength, establish yourself as an expert to get the highest paying work, and take back control of your business!

Part 1: How to Get What You’re Worth (Working with AMCs)
Presented By:
Bryan Knowlton, Author of the 2015 AMC Guide

You can successfully negotiate fees and terms with AMCs. Bryan Knowlton, author of the 2015 AMC Guide, shows you how to quickly locate and sign up with the best AMCs, negotiate fees and terms, get higher-paying assignments and pick and choose your work for a better quality of life.

There is no magic wand when working with AMCs but Knowlton’s valuable insights, gained from years of working with AMCs on his terms – in the very competitive San Diego market, will help you save time and effort and move toward working with only the best AMCs (and firing the rest).

Working with the best AMCs and negotiating your own fees gives you more power and more choice.

This Course Will Show You:

• How to Save Valuable Time
• Shortcuts to finding the best AMCs
• How to Create a Fast, Efficient Application Process
• How to Follow Up to Get Results
• How to Get Paid
• How to Land Better Assignments
• How to Update Documents Efficiently
• How to Turn Review Requests into a Win/Win
Plus: Q&A from a Successful AMC Appraiser

Part 2: How to Work Profitably with AMCs
Presented By:
James Baumberger, President of Synergy Appraisal Services

Working with AMCs doesn’t have to make you want to pull what’s left of your hair out. There are proven techniques for saving time, minimizing call backs, getting the choicest assignments, and commanding higher fees from someone who has sat on both sides of the desk; an independent fee appraiser and an AMC executive.

Seasoned appraiser, course developer and instructor James Baumberger, President of AMC Synergy Appraisal Services, shares his advice on how to work efficiently with AMCs, minimize or avoid the frustrating back and forth and enjoy a smoother, friendlier, more profitable AMC process.

In this webinar, Baumberger shares the keys to successful relationship management, shows you the most common mistakes to avoid, and helps you create a streamlined process for Underwriting Conditions.